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Automotive Electrical Appliance Training Board

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The automotive electrical training board is designed based on the electrical equipment system of the finished Toyota Corolla, all parts are original parts, before delivery through layers of inspection, production quality management according to ISO9001: 2008 standards implementation, demonstrating car entire vehicle electrical structure and operation, applied for the car entire vehicle electrical theory of learning, need practical operation, fault diagnosis and teaching settings in the higher, vocational colleges and training institutions.
1 Fully demonstrate Toyota Corolla car entire vehicle electrical each system structure composition and works, so that students can more intuitive understanding entire vehicle electrical connections.
2 Through a variety of electrical switches, buttons on the demonsting board, real demo works process of car engine immobilizer systems, instrumentation systems, lighting systems, wiper systems, speaker systems,ignition systems, electric windows, power door locks, sound system, start system and and charging system.
3 Training bench are equipped with full- vehicle color schematics and detection terminals, sensors, actuators, and other signal parameters such as voltage, resistance, frequency, etc. can be detected by special instruments.
4 Training bench equipped with diagnostic blocks can be connected to a dedicated or universal car decoder for reading the entire vehicle electrical fault codes, clear fault codes, read data stream, actuate components test, parameter settings, waveform analysis, etc. self-diagnostic function.
5 Fault setting and appraisal system (see fault setting and assessment function description);
6 Mobile device with locking casters, move freely, to facilitate teaching.
Training content
1 Automotive electrical component parts of each system and control theory project training.
2 Automotive electrical engine control systems, instrumentation systems, lighting systems, wiper systems, speaker systems, ignition systems, electric windows, electric door lock system, sound system, starting system, charging system voltage circuit components of each system, resistance, signal detection project training.
3 Automotive electrical each component system schematic analysis project training.
4 Automotive electrical control unit fault code reader, clear DTCs, read data stream, programming, terminal component test project training.
Technique feature
1 Bracket adopted imported luxury car paint, sprayed at high temperatures, with anti-corrosion function.
2 Support frame material select GB high quality (40 * 60 * 3mm) square tube welding.
3 Dimensions:. 2000 × 1250 × 860mm.